enjoy a special offer – Trail Camera + anticut gloves

Enjoy our special offer

For a limited time we are offering this special combo at an attractive price. as an outdoors person you need this camera to capture amazing pictures of the wildlife in areas where you hang out or around your property. we are giving you this high demand camera at a discount price plus we match a set of anti-cut gloves to go along with it. we know you can make good use of it and enjoy the combo. The Camera is priced at 129.73 $ and the gloves at 27.55 $ together thats 157.28 $ we are now selling it at 109.90 $ only for a limited time, you save 47.38 USD  !!!

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a usefull combination of Trail Camera and a set of anticut gloves For Outdoor Activity

12Mega Pixels Color CMOS

High quality sensor to capture images even at dark situations, when it detects movement reflected from infrared light.

Infrared (monochrome) wil not scare the animals

In the dark the camera sends infrared light which the animals or humans can not detect therefore they would not be aware of it, thats when the cam would capture those amazing pictures for you.

Video Resolution:1080P/720P/VGA

The end result we need is a good quality picture/video and 1080/720 is an HD level, to satisfy your needs.

MMS / SMS / eMail

whichever way you like it, this device would send you instant notices of movement in the location of the camera and you would be able to detect who/what exactly was it , strait into your cellphone with an mms msg or by email.

Gloves – stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester

Non-toxic, easy to wear , breathable, flexible, durable. Made of stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester, and high elastic chemical fiber.

Trail Camera

Our best seller TrailCam the hc300 would make your outdoor activity so much more fun interesting and effective. You can get instant mms/email of wildlife movements in trails you plan to visit, or as a protective measure around propreties of interest. Plus you would have amazing pictures to show to family and friends.

Anti-Cut Gloves

Hand Protection Mesh Gloves are your perfect companion anywhere outdoors and around the house. Made of Stainless steel wire, high-quality polyester, and high elastic chemical fiber. easy to wear, breathable, flexible, durable.

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I like it that I dont have to manually be the watchman of the trail path where the deer will visit. I can capture immensely rare and beautiful images without even being present there.
Adan N.
I don’t check the cameras for 3 weeks. By this time I usually have photos of nearly every buck on my farm.
Ken G.
I set up a wireless trail camera at the head of the cut and was able to monitor deer activity at the pinch point 24/7 without ever having to climb up the ridge.
Arnold S.
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