The sea is running out of fish

Is the sea is running out of fish, and who is stopping it

Seafood industries are a driving force behind dwindeling of fish global stock.

Is overfishing subsidised by goverments draining the oceans ?and what do you do about it ?

If you are just hanging out with freinds or family for the fun of it, there are industries that are doing it in the masses. How do you feel about it.

And no ….your Automatic Adjustable Tackle Bracket Double Spring Rod Holder

In an exhaustive survey of 152 countries, scientists at the University of
British Columbia found that ocean-faring nations spent $22 billion on harmful subsidies in 2018,
or 63 percent of the total amount expended to support the global fishing industry.

You may be better off asking your government.

Read More at National Geographic

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